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Mom-ents of Euphoria

Published:Monday | May 7, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Mother's Day is all about marking the genesis of a goddess. While the highly anticipated time is set for children to celebrate, daddies, boyfriends and husbands should step up to the sultry plate and honour the love of their life and mother of their children, with extra special heart-warming, tear-jerking, jaw-dropping and toe-curling mom-ents of euphoria to remember. See this recommended list for the ultimate TLC experience this Mother's Day.


Breakfast in bed


She's usually up early on the weekend preparing breakfast for the family. Let her sleep in on Mother's Day and relax while you take her breakfast in bed, presenting her favourites, with a twist. Who knows, if your timing is right, you can actually treat her to some morning love in bed too. *wink*


Group gifting with love


It could be customised cards sharing how they feel about her. It could be

something she always wanted, courtesy of Daddy.

Get involved in the Mother's Bay gifting process with your bundles of joy and present it as a family. That will definitely melt her heart.


Pocketful of Memories


Nostalgia meets affection. If she loves to reminisce on blasts from the past, take her back into time with love notes or documented memorabilia belonging to her and you both as a couple, in either a box or a jar. It's guaranteed that she'll start crying tears of joy before she gets through them all.


Date night 2.0


If you both are lovers of date night, the now is the time to tap into your inner sweet, and turn up the heat. Be as sentimental as you can, opting for a location that holds great significance to your union. Before you know it, memories will come flooding in and the love is strengthened, rushing to unleash at any moment.


Dear Darling


If she's a lover of the literary, play up on her emotions by detailing just how remarkable she is as a mother and how incredible she is as your partner in love. After all, before anything else, it was just her, only her. Remind her of that and tell how much you care for her.


Weekend for two


I'm sure your leading lady could use a nice getaway with her Tarzan. Make that fantasy her reality, get a sitter and whisk her off to the coastline for sea, sand, sun and tantalising fun between the sheets.


Sexy offerings


Can't leave town? Well, transform the bedroom into an oasis of romance. Gift her a sexy lingerie in her favourite colour, set the mood with scented candles and scattered rose petals, spice things up with a playlist of her favourite tracks. Then have your very own body party for two, teasing, pleasing and loving her all night long.


Something new


If she had been speaking about exploring the erotic unknown, then introduce her to your scavenger hunt and let her dig for sexually arousing treasure. For her main prize, take control, become her Mr Grey and introduce her to your 'playroom', piquing her interest with moaning mom-ents of euphoria.