Tue | Jun 18, 2019

DQ students’ lives at risk

Published:Friday | January 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I watched with horror as the driver of a car narrowly missed hitting a student of the Donald Quarrie High School in east Kingston a few days ago as he raced across the road to get to his school. I wondered for the umpteenth time: What will it take for the school or any other relevant authority to implement strict adherence to the road-crossing system? During peak times in the mornings and after school, they cross the road in droves, paying scant regard to the oncoming traffic.

Years ago, Tropical Storm Gustav took away the Harbour View bridge that allowed passage over the Hope River. Since then, the road was significantly widened, allowing for four lanes of traffic, and a more sturdy bridge was erected. The downside to this is that many motorists use it to practise their Dover skills. To ensure the safety of pedestrians, a crossing and traffic light were placed in the vicinity of the Donald Quarrie High School. Persons wishing to cross should press a button that will activate the stop light for motorists, allowing pedestrians to get across safely.

But there has been wanton disregard for this arrangement, and it doesn't seem that the school is enforcing this practice. This is another clear example of systems being put in place, but no enforcement.

Donald Quarrie principal, step up! Lord forbid if worse should happen. Then there will be hue and cry about what needs to be done. Implement and rigidly enforce a proper system for students crossing the roads. Students at Wolmer's Girls know that they MUST use that bridge on Marescaux Road over the busy thoroughfare without fail every day to get across the road. Failure to do this will incur disciplinary action. This shows what can be done with effective leadership.