Mon | Jan 21, 2019

Law experts must save PM from himself

Published:Monday | February 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I note that our attorney general has an interpretation of our Constitution that is different from that of most lawyers.

As noted columnist Gordon Robinson pointed out, the Constitution has more than one section that speaks to the appointment of a chief justice. To get a full understanding, one should read all relevant sections and correlate them. The attorney general's vision seems limited to Section 99.

One certain fact is that our prime minister is ill advised by his legal team. Point in case: that of legal action against Christopher Tufton and Arthur Williams. Even though the court showed clearly that they erred in the handling of the resignation, the Jamaica Labour Party went ahead and appealed the court's decision and lost. This reflects a lack of understanding and integrity.

I call upon constitutional lawyers Dr Lloyd Barnett and Bert Samuels to lend their voices.