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Praising Corporal Bailey for courteous 'bly'

Published:Friday | April 20, 2018 | 12:55 AM


This serves to publicly commend Corporal Bailey and his team who were conducting police activities in the vicinity of the Golden Grove Police Station, St Thomas, on the evening of Saturday, April 14.

As a member of the motoring public, I was pulled over while regaling my family members with my oft-repeated stories of the parish, having spent a significant part of my formative years there.

In fact, I had, only moments before the stop, told them of the usual police activities in this same area. So, in this case, one of my passengers commented with much humour that “cock mouth kill cock”.

I confidently handed over my documents after a very pleasant approach by Cpl Bailey, as to the best of my knowledge, everything was in order for me, a law-abiding citizen.

However, my confidence plummeted when it was ever so nicely pointed out that the certificate of fitness for my 2017 vehicle was expired since March 31, 2018 - two full weeks earlier.

Somewhere, during the period of lighted-headedness which ensued, I must have received a 'bly', since I recalled my subdued voice repeating in a promise to “get it corrected no later than midday Monday, April 16".

It was nice to have received a rare break, but more important, to have been treated in such a professional, competent and respectful manner by Cpl Bailey and his team.

I have kept my promise, and the certificate of fitness has been renewed. Thank you, sir.