Thu | Apr 25, 2019

Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | October 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM

1 We may be celebrating a reduction in murders, but from all indications, crime is up. The fact is, many persons don't bother to report assault and robbery if they are not physically affected. We have credible information that early-morning commuters are held up at bus stops almost on a daily basis, and this is happening in many rural communities.

2 It doesn't matter that some people are broke. They must keep up appearances, so the latest version of a luxury car and domestic staff are all part of the public image. But what about the debts, one may ask?

3 Medical mistakes are being made in some of the reputable private institutions. There are some devastating reports of misdiagnoses that have resulted in persons losing perfectly healthy limbs and organs. The lawyers are chomping at the bit in the meantime.